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Congratulations Hebei Association of Medical Devices Industry Fourth Member Representative Conference completes success
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On 30 June 2016, Hebei Province Association of Medical Devices Industry held the fourth member representative conference in Shijiazhuang, 156 medical equipment productions or business enterprises in Shijiazhuang participated in the meeting and the leadership of the Hebei Province food and drug administration also participated in the meeting to give guidance.

Mr. Liu Shengjun, chairman of Shijiazhuang Yi Sheng Tang Medical Supplies Co., Ltd., was elected as president, and 6 people including Li Manyou, chairman of Shijiazhuang Manyou Medical Devices Co., Ltd., Jiao Shufang, general manager of Hebei Province Advanced Medical Equipment Co., Ltd., Zhang Yaping, deputy general manager of Shijiazhuang Hongrui Group Co., Ltd., were elected as vice president.


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